Review: YOUR Pillow! by SHO – Ultimate Self Inflating Travel

As much as the extremely over-enthusiastic name put me off this item, after a fair bit of research, the YOUR Pillow! seemed like my go-to option for a decent travel pillow. As I’m not a regular camper, my experience with travel pillows has either been lugging my normal one along or buying a neck pillow last minute in Gatwick’s WHSmiths but this clearly isn’t going to cut it for four weeks mostly camping! The SHO pillow comes up on many ‘Best Travel Pillow’ lists, turns up first on Amazon and Google and has the most reviews it seems so I figured it’d be worth my bet.


SHO pillow

I decided to put this against a Pepsi Max can for two reasons: 1) It was the closest thing to me when taking photos and 2) Unlike the Amazon listing, I feel this gives you an accurate vision of the size of the item. This is my number one priority when I was looking for an item – I’m taking a 40 litre bag and every centimetre of space has to be earned. Now, at first I thought it was massive and a part of me still does but I’m accepting that most pillows are around this size. One of the only ways to get around this is to not take one at all and make something like a packing cube multipurpose. Would the comfort of this pillow outweigh the fact that I think it’s quite big for a pillow? Let’s see…

Set-Up and Comfort



Once I unrolled it, I did realise how much pillow they’ve packed into that bag. The nozzle at the top unscrews and air is slowly released into the pillow. As I bought a self-inflating pillow, I naively thought that it would in fact self-inflate. I actually went to the bank and back in hope that when I came back, I’d come home to a wonderfully plump travel pillow. Yeah, nah. You’ve got to blow it up a bit. Don’t get me wrong it was only a few puffs but yeah, very much not self-inflating.


This is it’s size, blown up to its’ full capacity. I think I’m more impressed with it than I look. The outer material is plastic, which I think is possibly a mistake but I have no major qualms with having to put a t-shirt over it or something similar. It is definitely high enough to provide proper support for your neck and shoulders when sleeping and I think it’s probably the closest thing to a real pillow that a ‘travel pillow’ can get.



I think my mother lost a tiny bit of respect for me when I told her this.

Like, it’s an expensive pillow, I get that. But as a person with a shoulder injury, I was prepared to pay up to £20 for a decent pillow, so I did. Do I think (at least so far) that it’s worth £18.99? No way. But comparatively, other £5-10 pillows are nowhere near the quality of this item. I’m also a big believer in invest once and not again, so hopefully this has been a smart purchase. This pillow also comes with a lifetime guarantee which I am a big fan off.

So overall, I’d probably give this pillow, pre-trip, a 7/10. A few things that could be fixed to make my life a little easier – better material, no prep time – but in reality, not that big of a deal. I would recommend for people to at least try it out to see if it’s the one for them!


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