G Adventures: Coast to Coast Eastbound – Monument Valley to Carlsbad Caverns

Horseshoe Lake, Arizona

One of the short stops along the way, a lovely excuse to stretch out legs. Here’s a little cameo of Kaleb, one of our tour guides and an example of how I can manage to stand right in front of some amazing scenery. Arizona is hot. Take water, please and do not, for the love of god, wear black.DSC00438 DSC00442

Monument Valley, Four CornersDSC00444

So my camera ran out of battery on the way to Monument Valley (darn USA voltage slowing me down) but it still remains one of, if not the, best moments on the trip for me. Through G Adventures, we had a tour of the land with native Navajo people living at Monument Valley who took us to some great spots, cooked us an authentic meal, showed us traditional Navajo entertainment and organised for us to sleep on the reservation for the night. We had the option of sleeping in their hut but instead we slept underneath the stars as it was a full moon. I wish I had a photograph that would capture even a 1/10 of what we saw but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t believe anyway. It’s so amazing that it’s even above bucket list material. We were covered in orange sand for days to come as there was a sand storm in the night but it was worth every second.DSC00448 DSC00449

And now for the iPhone photos (I know, I’m sorry).

Sunset at 6am

image2 image3

Not gonna lie, pretending to be Forest was one of the best moments of this tour. Don’t pretend you’d feel any different.

Mesa Verde, Colorado 


Quite a different pace of National Parks, especially compared to the greats like Grand Canyon and Monument Valley but a worthy stop nonetheless. We had to walk up a 40-foot ladder to get to this view so I feel this photo has to be included, even if it was taken with my shaky hands at the time.

Santa Fe, New MexicoDSC00456

Santa Fe is a bit of a blur, as you can probably tell from this photo. It’s where you start to get a feel from the South but you’re not quite there yet. There are beautiful jewelry stores and almost everybody came back with a ring or three. It reminded my of a few European spots which is quite rare for the US from what I’ve seen. Their architecture is heavily protected so there’s a lot of history to see here. I was still recovering from cameragate so there’s not many surviving photos.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Writing my postcards for back home in Carlsbad Caverns was a surreal experience, I can tell you that. Surprisingly this was also one of my favourite experiences from the tour – the beauty of it is hard to describe until you’re walking through it in the dark. Just one of those crazy things natures does to remind us humans that it’s always going to be boss!

DSC00469Continued in San Antonio to New Orleans!


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