G Adventures: Coast to Coast Eastbound – San Antonio to New Orleans

San Antonio, Texas

So after a long drive to Texas (I think it was seven hours total), we got frozen cocktails from a drive-thru on the border at 11am. For some reason I can’t remember the name of it… After a party bus 2.0 experience, we hit the road even further to San Antonio.

If you’re gonna SnapChat abroad, it better be worth it.


Whilst at university, I worked at the Six Flags in San Antonio for three months so it was nice to go back and know where I was going! I messaged a few people I’d met there, but then I got what I was really after in Texas and that was Whataburger. There’s no point in writing some fancy foodie paragraph about Whataburger because I accept that it looks gross but if you get the chance to eat it, take it with both hands and run. It’s the new In-n-Out. Trust me.

Back at camp in San Antonio before heading out, we had a talk about whether we really wanted to go to Houston or whether we wanted to go off road and go to a rodeo. This was on everyone’s list of things to do that was necessarily on the itinerary, but our guides worked on it and hailing from Texas himself, Kaleb sorted it out.

The Washington County Fair, Brenham, Texas

We went to a country fair, in between San Antonio and New Orleans, rummaged through some antique stalls (where I pretended I was in American Pickers) and I picked up a sweet cigar box for $10 because I was “just so darn cute and British”. So shout out to Katy who also gave almost all of us free 1970s rodeo posters.



We were treated with the Texan hospitality I know and love, and was able to camp on the fair’s land just through asking politely.

DSC00496 DSC00499 DSC00501 DSC00503 DSC00508

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ll be honest, this is where the tour took a bit of a toll on me and I just wanted a bit of sleep in a bed. I done a few basics: going on a swamp tour, hearing live music, going to Cafe Du Monde, walking the streets to look at the crazy houses, throwing some beads, eating a shrimp po’boy… Okay, now that I list them I don’t know how I felt rested.

Tryin’ to catch some gators

DSC00519 DSC00526 DSC00527


Fact: These boars bloody love a marshmallow.


Bring a hairbrush for post-swamp tour. You will need it.


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